Expert Legal Services from Ross Abelow

Living in New York City, it is common for people to need expert legal representation. A variety of lawyers are available in New York City to represent you and give you outstanding legal advice, file documents, initiate lawsuits, and defend you against charges both civil and criminal.

One of New York City’s finest lawyers is Ross Abelow. An expert specializing in matrimonial law, family law, commercial litigation, and entertainment law, Ross Abelow has been offering his legal services to the New York City community since 1989. A graduate of Brooklyn Law School, Ross Abelow is a New York native with an in-depth understanding of the intricacies of the judicial system in New York.

Ross Abelow has a pleasing and amiable demeanor with his clients but is an experienced and tough litigator in the courtroom. With an office conveniently located in the heart of NYC, Ross Abelow has close access to all of the major courthouses in the city. With more than 15 years of experience in defending and representing clients, Ross Abelow is the name to trust when it comes to fair and equitable legal representation. Widely respected by New York City judges, prosecutors, and fellow lawyers, Ross Abelow is a rising star in the legal profession. Regularly hailed as a straight shooter, Ross Abelow believes that every individual deserves strong and competent representation in the courtroom.

If you need expert legal representation and counsel, do not hesitate to contact Ross Abelow. With outstanding reviews from his clients and peers on most major legal websites, Ross Abelow has carved out a special reputation for fairness and honest dealing. If you are facing criminal charges or civil suits, Ross Abelow will work aggressively to defend you, giving you a vigorous defense to protect your freedom and your rights. For cases involving marital and family law, Ross Abelow will be on your side to make absolutely sure that your interests are protected, working hard to ensure the most equitable outcome possible.

Navigating the complex legal system in New York City can be daunting. Don’t let yourself get mired down in messy legal disputes or civil suits. Contact Ross Abelow today to secure an experienced litigator with more than 15 years of experience in the courtrooms of New York City. Ready, willing, and able to defend you and your rights, Ross Abelow is the advocate of choice for the citizens of New York City.

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