Is sleep apnea an interest or issue for you?

Sleep apnea means you have one or more moments in your sleep in which you either take a pause from breathing unknowingly or you experience shallow breaths. There are a list of methods use to treat patients who deal with sleep apnea, however wouldn’t it make sense to see a qualified specialist who has been accomplishing relevant goals in the medical field. Doctor Avi Weisfogel is a specialist in sleep apnea, but also known for his role as the Founder of Dental Sleep Masters, which is known for their recent research proving sleep apnea is associated with cardiovascular issues and diseases and strokes. However, nine out of every ten that suffer from sleep apnea remain without a proper diagnosis.

Weisfogel has since teamed up with dentists from across the country who are beginning to offer patients more effective treatments. He’s basically given patients the opportunity to receive proper treatment in every aspect of medical related doctor visits. Weisfogel is responsible for creating a model that primary care physicians, dentists, DME providers, and even sleep labs can take part in to ensure patients are not walking beneath the radar to possible diseases and other imposing health risks.

Avi Weisfogel hosts many seminars throughout the year that anyone can attend. Whether you’re a patient or doctor you can acquire information at these seminars that you didn’t know pertained to a particular disorder you might not be as familiar with as you thought. Don’t go any longer without the knowledge you deserve to have about sleep apnea.

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