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Although it happens so often, it’s still sad to see a company go bankrupt. After all, people have put their money and time into making the company work and now it has failed. Homejoy is one of those companies that has floundered and finally failed.

The company, which supplied cleaning and repair services to clients, listed worker classification as the main reason for the bankruptcy. People can take heart- their cleaning and repairs can still get done. Handy Technologies is still a thriving business.

Handy Technologies offers people a place where they can find great workers to clean and repair their homes. Cleaning staff are thoroughly background-checked. Their references must be squeaky clean. They are interviewed and bonded. Clients can rest in the knowledge that their possessions and valuables will be safe while the cleaners are in their homes.

Cleaners who work for Handy Technologies enjoy benefits such as scheduling flexibility, competitive compensation, and choice of working locations. The contractors see jobs posted from Handy Technologies. They can then choose to take the job or pass it up. If the area or starting time do not work for the cleaners, or if the job is too big, they just choose not to accept it. If the area, starting time and size of the job are a good fit, the cleaners accept the job.

Payment is easy for the client and the independent contractor. Clients list the job starting time, the area and the number of rooms to be cleaned. They then pay for the job using a credit card, which is kept on file. Cleaners do the job and then get paid immediately. There is no uncomfortable interaction with the client. There is no wondering if they will get paid. Just a swipe of their smart phone and the money is in the bank.

The future looks bright for Handy Technologies, their contractors and their clients.
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