Life Line Screening Offers Affordable and Preventive Health Screenings Services

Chronic diseases have become a norm in the society today because of the changing lifestyles. These chronic diseases which include: stroke, heart disease, cancer and type-two diabetes, obesity and arthritis are among the most common type and costly diseases to treat but preventable. According to research carried out in 2012, about half of the adults had one or more chronic health conditions.

Life Line Screening is a community based initiative that aims at preventing health problems through screening and early diagnosis. The company was founded by Colin Scully and Timothy Philips in the year 1993 in Austin, Florida. Though it had a small and humble beginning, it has expanded globally. It began operations in Australia in 2012 while in the United Kingdom it was launched a little bit earlier in the year 2007.

The company majorly specializes in three types of preventive health screening which are: Ultra Sound screening, Finger-stick blood Screening and Limited Cardio electrograph. The preventive health screening is conducted by very well trained professionals and specially designed by doctors. The company believes that everyone should consider preventive and wellness plan measures as a way to combat their regular health care. Every screening method is different for each individual, and Life Line Screening ensures that each individual is given a screening method that is most beneficial and appropriate to his/her appropriate needs.

Life Line Screening has made very big strides in the health sector. It boasts of success, and many people that have gone through their screening Life Line processes have their different success stories. One of the success stories includes: “Life Line Screening offers one-day vascular ultrasound screening, which focuses on heart health, will help participants by providing a range of tests that check for cardiovascular disease at a lower cost.” Which was released by Midlothian Exchange on December 6, 2012. a

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