Make a New Friend With Skout

Technology has invaded every area of our life, and in doing so has made so many things in our life easier and more interesting. In a recent article in the Technology section of The Nation titled “What Can You Download” three new apps were critiqued and evaluated. They were the GoPro App Now, the Amazon Video app, and the Skout app. Each one showcased a specific area that will be greatly improved through its use. The GoPro App Now boasts of being the fastest way to create short video clips directly from your GoPro camera. These clips can be shared with friends on Instagram, Facebook and many others social media outlets. The Amazon Video app allows you to instantly stream movies and TV shows. Thousands of titles are available for purchase or rent, and they can be streamed or downloaded to your IPhone or IPad, but the most interesting of the three is Skout an app that can literally be used to help you make a friend. All three apps prove that your entire personal network can be expanded with the tap of a button.

The most popular of these three might have died from an untimely death due to the shenanigans of popular singers like Nicki Minaj, Miley Cyrus, and Justin Bieber. These stars and many others used the app to flex their muscles or to show off their shapely and finely toned bodies. Shirtless and almost nude selfies taken in restroom, and bathtubs earned the app the dubious name of “the flirting app.” The company realized that people didn’t need to and didn’t want to see that kind of “stuff” so measures were taken to ban minors and the sharing of shirtless selfies from the site.

Skout is a global network for meeting new people. Instantly you can meet people and make new friends with someone as close as the local bar or gym, or as far away as Barcelona or Paris.

Skout was originally created as a tool for travelers who wanted to “expand their social circle.” Initially the app was to assist its users in making new friends in different cities. It was likened to a “modern day pen pal,” and it was a way for those traveling to a destination where they had no contacts to make a friend.

The Skout app is enormously popular with college students and young adults who want to experience the world and connect with new friends. Compatible with iOS devices and available in several languages, Skout can be downloaded through Google Play or the App Store.

Now thanks to Skout many young travelers have turned their virtual trips into real vacations. Now they are traveling in real time with someone they met through the app.

There are many social networks available to travelers on the road. Skout has taken that one step further and now uses its network to connect travelers with locals as well. Skout gives you the ability to connect with others no matter where you are.