Production of Craft Beer in Canada

It is quite evident that most Canadians love beer produced in their country. Beer is a popular alcoholic drink in Canada. Craft beer has also become dominant in Canada. Even when the per capita consumption of beer drops, use and sales of craft beers rise steadily. Overall sales of beer have been constant in Canada since 1995. However, the revenue from craft beer sales has nearly doubled since 2009.

Eli Gershkovitch beer

Numerous breweries in Canada produce excellent beers ranging from inventive to traditional. To ensure that the growing demand is met, Niagara College offers a brewing course to teach a brewmaster program. Most craft breweries were mostly known as micro-breweries. At the moment, most craft breweries have grown significantly. For instance, Quebec’s McAuslan Brewery sells approximately $ 20 million annually. Ontario Craft Brewers also produces about 400, 000 hectoliters of beer yearly.



Red Racer Pale Ale is bitter than other types of pale beers. The extra bitterness of the beer was added in the UK to maintain the freshness of the beer. In 2012, the brewery company ‘Central City’ producing it was awarded as the best brewery company of the year. Glutenberg Belgian Double is a traditional beer made from wheat or barley.



Hopfenstark is a carbonated beer originating from Belgium. The beer is stored by most farm workers who consume it during summer. Hopfenstark is produced in a Belgian technique with clove and citrus aromas. Holy Smoke Scotch Ale is a craft beer produced in Ontario. The beer is named ‘smokey flavor’ because the malted barley used to make it is dried in open flame.



After Eli Gershkovitch had graduated from law school, he took a break before he pursued his career. Eli Gershkovitch decided to take art classes during weekdays and exploring the Alps in France on weekends. After some time, Eli Gershkovitch discovered something that made him leave his law career. Eli Gershkovitch was impressed when he got exposed to Belgian beer.

Eli Gershkovitch visited Germany where he saw the first microbrewery. The microbrewery was quite fascinating and not intimidating to him ( Eli Gershkovitch has an experience of 21 years in craft beer industry that has enabled him to get adequate knowledge in the industry. Eli wants to grow Steamworks craft breweries to meet the demands of all his clients.

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