Ready to Invest? Learn from Entrepreneur Brad Reifler!

If you watch the news every day, then you’re no stranger to the sad stories of the wealthy getting wealthier and the middle class struggling to make it in the investment world. It can be a cruel and confusing world when it comes to the stock market and building a portfolio, and often the strategies that build a nest egg are not available to 99 percent of U.S. citizens. Feeling down? Don’t! Entrepreneur and long-time Brad Reifler can teach you how to get the most of investing – no matter how much money you have his tips show as much.

As the grandson of Refco founder Ray Friedman, Reifler has learned first-hand from some of the best in the investing world. At Refco he became one of the company’s top traders and as his first business, started his own company for trading on the market, called Reifler Trading. That company was assumed by Refco in 2000, and since then, Reifler has been involved in many investment projects. For example, in 2009 he founded Forefront Capital, as a way to give average Americans access to investing strategies and individualized plans that they normally do not have access to because they are not accredited investors. Reifler has is the former CEO of Pali Capital, a global financial services firm, and the former director of Foresight Research Solutions, Genesis Securities, and the European Investment Bank.

With his wide experience, Reifler brings lots of financial tips to the table of newbie investors, it’s what he opened his entire company for. One tip he loves to remind those who are skittish of investing is to start small and to do your research. It takes time to really get to know the markets — and they are constantly in flux — so it pays off when you know the history and have a good understanding of how economics work. The bottom line is that you cannot avoid risk if you’re going to invest. The key is knowing what a good risk actually is. So study hard and lean on financial-savvy people you trust. Get a portfolio manager that is truly ready to help you and to keep an eye on your portfolio — instead of just focusing on the huge accounts that are much easier to build because they have so much weight. Choose really wisely and ask around for recommendations before you commit. Remember that you can’t invest in one area only. Reifler likes to remind his clients that they should be open to diversifying their portfolio. The stock market can go crazy at any point, and you don’t want all of your cash wrapped up in a stock that plummets. So invest across trusted areas.

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