Roberto Santiago’ and Manaira Mall See Success

Before Roberto Santiago started the Manaira Mall, he was working in journalism. There were many different ways that he was able to come up with new advice and with things for people who were in the same industry but it was just not the same as what he would eventually be able to do with the Manaira Mall. He knew a lot about the different opportunities that the mall had and that was something that set him apart from many of the other mall owners in the same area of Brazil. He knew what he was talking about with the opportunities in the mall and it gave him a chance to experience everything that the mall had to offer. He did his best to create the best and premier experience for people who were in different situations and for people who wanted to get the most out of what they had to offer.


While Roberto Santiago was working on the Manaira Mall, there were many things that he wanted to add to it. Since he had worked in marketing in the past, he knew the right way to market his business and to make it special so that people would be able to get what they wanted out of the mall. The experience was something that he was proud of and something that he knew he wanted to do to promote all of the different options in Manaira. That was something that allowed him the chance to experience everything that the community had to offer.


Since Manaira Mall first opened, it has been successful. People are able to experience everything that the mall has to offer and that has allowed them the chance to try new things while they are working for different areas. Thanks to everything that Roberto Santiago did with Manaira Mall, he was able to be successful and make a lot of profits. While he saw a lot of success with the journalism aspect of his business, he was able to be even more successful when he first started with Manaira Mall.


To be able to make Manaira even better than other malls, he created more opportunities for people who were in different situations. Adding things like exclusive entertainment centers and expo centers on the outside of the business allowed him to bring more crowds in. Even those who came to the mall to not shop were able to enjoy the different options that were offered there. People didn’t have to come to shop or eat at the mall but were able to come for the entertainment so that they could get more out of the options that the mall has for people to be able to enjoy.