Rocketship Education Is Improving The Core Values Of Their Students

The support staff, teachers, and leaders at Rocketship Academy are dedicated to positivity and culture. Each school has the five important core values including respect, empathy, responsibility, and persistence. These values are recited by the students every day and they abide by them not only in their school but in their community. Each students fifth core value is chosen by their teachers and parents to illustrate the unique vision and character of their school. This can be anything from curiosity to bravery.

Rocketship education helps students to thrive while in school and teaches them critical skills they will need once they graduate. A lot of the students are from communities high in poverty and they are susceptible to more stress. This makes it harder for them to resolve conflicts and manage their emotions. This is why the school atmosphere is positive, predictable, and consistent. There are programs that teach emotional and social learning with curriculum that is selected with care.

The Kimochis curriculum is used for the younger students at the Rocketship Academy and helps them to recognize their emotions, establish positive relationships, care for others, handle challenging situations, and make responsible decisions. The students are able to track their progress, feelings, and behaviors. One particular school chose gratitude for their fifth core value. Since the concept was introduced it has become so much more than just a word. It is a vibrant presence within the school. One of the projects involved each student being give half a sheet of colored paper every day. The paper contained the name of a student and the idea was to watch gratitude spread and it did. The students wrote a sentence to thank the student whose name they had received for something they had accomplished. At the end of the week the students received their own name so they were able to read about the things they had done the other students appreciated. This filled the halls of Rocketship with genuine gratitude. The students learned gratitude is a choice and an attitude that can be freely given to the students and people met every day. All of this was learned in the Rocketship Academy Classroom.