The Management Philosophy Of Traveling Vineyard’s President Rick Libby

Rick Libby is the president of Traveling Vineyard, a wine supplier based in Ipswich, Maine. His company sells their wine through the use of network marketing. Their independent agents, called Wine guides, host wine tasting parties featuring Traveling Vineyard’s various offerings. Libby has been an executive for over thirty years. Among the companies he has worked for in the past are Marriott, Student Advantage, Cendant Corporation, and MoveCentral. He is also the owner of the company having bought it in 2010.

16 years ago Rick Libby worked for another company in the wine industry called Geerlings and Wade. While at this company he was tasked with developing a new sales strategy. A friend of his encouraged him to think about using a strategy similar to his wife’s who had been using in-home demonstrations to sell kitchenware products. He modified the idea to fit with wine and it proved to be very successful.

Like many companies nowadays, Traveling Vineyard is adopting technology into its business model. They created a mobile app called Awesomm (a combination of “awesome” and “sommelier”) which helps the wine guides process their orders and otherwise make their jobs easier to manage. They also created Sommology which helps wine guides know which wines to pair with which foods.

The wine guides that work for Traveling Vineyard hold informal and fun wine tasting events at their customer’s homes. Everyone at the wine tasting gets to try out a variety of the wines that Traveling Vineyard provides. At the end of the event, the wine guides signs people up to receive bottles of their favorite wines. The wine guides are free to work on their own schedule and host as many events as they see fit to know more info about us: click here.

As Traveling Vineyard isn’t a company that enforces a lot of needless rules and procedures on their wine guides it makes working for them much more appealing. The wine guides collectively don’t want to be micromanaged or forced to wear a uniform. They are free to put as much or as little into their business as they see fit.