White Shark Media’s Responses To Common Complaints

Luisa was quite irate when she realized that the keywords for her website that had been developed by an average web developer were not attracting as much traffic as she had intended to. Just like any prudent client would do, she called the web developer to report her complaint. To her bewilderment, the guy just shut her off claiming that she could not make any complaint since he had provided to her what they had agreed. She never called him again.

Many people have had the pain of dealing with unscrupulous service providers. However, not all of them have similar characters to those that Luisa’s web developer had. One of those scrupulous ones is the reliable White Shark Media. White Shark Media Complaints acknowledges that how a client is treated determines whether you will gain, maintain or even loose their loyalty. They have learnt this during their operations in which compliments and as many complaints have been lodged with them. What makes them the real deal is how these complaints have to be dealt with.

One value which White Shark Media has over the years learnt to make maximum use of is trust. This virtue is indispensable. In applying this value, all complaints and compliments that are communicated have to be dealt with the seriousness that they deserve. Therefore, action must be taken.

Numerous complaints have been made to White Shark Media have been made in the past. The distinguishing aspect has been the seriousness in which these complaints have been responded to. Hereunder, you will see a number of common complains that have been made over the last two years and how they have been dealt with.

‘Communication with you is not good enough’

White Shark Media Complaints is a consultancy firm which seeks to anchor its success in responsive service delivery. As such, communication with clients is very important. To deal with complaints such as these, the following have been implemented:

Monthly Calls through GoTomeeting.

Every month, status monthly meetings are held between clients and their respective SEM strategists on http://citrite.org/white-shark-media-review-how-to-get-a-free-adwords-evaluation/. During these meetings, monthly reports and any concerns which the clients have are discussed for further consideration by the company.

Direct calls to contact persons

With time it was realized that dealing with calls through rigid receptionist offices was doing a disservice to many clients. To remedy this, calls which have to do with complaints are directed to the client’s contact person so that they can be dealt with immediately. It also helps keep confidentiality with the client at a close level.

‘Your New Optimized Campaigns are worse than my old ones’

Concerns as to the performance of AdWords are very dear to the company. This is because such criticisms have great impact on the firm. To address them, the following procedures have been developed:

Active use of old AdWord Campaigns.

We ensure that the old campaigns of each client on https://disqus.com/home/channel/whitesharkmediacomplaints/discussion/channel-whitesharkmediacomplaints/white_shark_media_complaints/ who orders that new campaigns be developed are not interfered with. By leaving the old AdWords functional, it allows the client to use them on a rainy day.

Feedback by experienced supervisors

A survey conducted on the complaints showed that only experienced supervisors could deal with them.

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